Superior feel and finish 


3D operates both monolayer and multilayer lines.

You can choose the structure and material blend most adapted to your bulk and filling process without having to compromise on the finished good quality.


No ugly seam

No collapsing tube

Colored tube at low MOQ's

360° printable

Adaptable barrier material

Dimensional consistency


PE - Monolayer

PE - 2 or 3 layers 

PE + EVOH - 5 layers

Auto diameter control

Colouring by masterbatch


7 printing stations + Top lacquer

Combination of silk screen and flexographic printing

CMYK and/or Direct tones


Picture realistic printing

Halftone printing

Spot lacquering

Printing up to the neck

Gloss, satin or matt laquer

High quality printing on clear or coloured tubes.


Process adapted for all types of series for superior positioning.



6 printing stations 

Sequential printing

Pre or top lacquer

Direct tones


Ink opacity up to 90%

Sustain white

Spot lacquering

Gloss, satin or matt laquer

Traditionnal print technology for PE - Tubes For medium level and mass market products.

Process adapted for medium to massive print runs on white and light colour tubes.



6 colours + Top lacquer

Direct tones


Stylised designs

Gloss, Satin or matt laquer

Cost for large runs

Tube decoration enhancement giving shine and appeal to your products.



  • Indexed on pre-printed tubes

  • Cap foiling


  • Can be used as a single print or in combination with offset, screen or screen flexo

  • Special colours available upon request.

Hot foiling



If none of the above described direct printing technologies suits your needs, 3D also proposes tube labelling.




  • Prelacquer + Labeling

  • Flip top cap orientation

  • Orientation to a registration mark


  • All types of labels (conventional print, Digital)

Print flowers, plants, fruits, faces


With the ultimate technology for PE tubes direct printing. Our machine combines the benefits of screen printing and flexography.

Processes adapted to medium to large print runs on all tube colours including transparent tubes.


Dimensional consistency


Shoulder are welded to tube sleeves in Swiss made accurate compression heading machines.



HDPE Compression heading

Colouring by masterbatch


Consistent shoulders and welding

Accurate orifice molding

Great products require great machines...


At the forefront of tube making capabilities,

3D invests in ultimate European

machinery to keep a constant edge.


Continuous extrusion

Compression heading

Screen+Flexo printing

Screen Printing

Offset printing



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