Your projects are analysed to consider all aspects of your product's lifecycle. Should we spot a problem, our experienced crew guides you to take the best option. In case we have a doubt ourselves, we take a real life trial and confirm feasability.

Time spent is time saved

3D supplies upon request all that is necessary to check if the articles meet your specific requirements.

Most of these can be requested or dowloaded through 3DOnline.

We can evaluate your design projects and give you advice to avoid any disappointment. 



  • Format approval

  • Sealing trial 

  • Compatibility


  • Standards of manufacturing

  • AQL and MCs

  • Technical drawings

  • Artwork layouts

  • Printing constraints


  • Mass colour

  • Artwork projects

Artwork development and submission


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Plastic components color matching


  1. Color matching based on your brief or target samples are submitted on color plates.

  2. According to your requirement and/or the type of colour, trials on actual parts are conducted and submitted for approval. 

  3. For an increased flexibility all masterbatches for the European market are developed locally.


Robust development procedure

Print proof & Shade cards


  1. Shade cards are submitted along with the first commercial run.

  2. Optionally you can request an industrial trial to be taken in order to approve the print shade variations prior to the commercial run.

Specification sign off


All products features are defined along the project; formats, materials, subcomponent descriptions, references to technical drawings, submissions, packing, manufacturing standards and agreed AQL are summarized in aspecification data sheet.

A specification data sheet is shared with you for approval.

No commercial production can be undertaken without a signed specification which seals our mutual agreement on the product as defined across the development procedure.

  1. The files received are checked and processed to meet both our contraints and the expected result

  2. An artwork approval form is submitted for print matter positionning and texts approvals.

  3. Optionnally  colour separations can be sent along with the artwork approval so you can check each printing layer and  printing sequence.

No compromise, no surprise...

We can do a lot and never promise the moon ;

instead we analyse, correct, suggest

bring up ideas and come up with solutions.


Upfront sampling, documentation and evaluation

All materials used are sourced at selected vendors and are extensively assessed according to our QA procedures so the products will be produced with predictibility at a stable quality


Material assessment

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