3D Packaging uses quality as its main driver for customer satisfaction.
Our quality system, based on the European requirements, has enabled us to increase capacity, reduce production costs and improve planning and logistics abilities.

Think Quality from the Project's start...
We believe that a sale is successful only if a proper analysis is conducted and shared with our customers at the beginning of each and every project. Together we find the right product definition which meets our customer's expectations and our industrialisation constraints.

The Basics...
3D Performs incoming inspection of raw materials, online manufacturing inspections and end of the line quality controls. All the raw material we use from polymers for master batches to inks and lacquers comply with the regulation of the countries we export to.

Quality assurance at all level...
We have spread the same quality approach towards the production investments, sourcing and customer services.

IT Integration
Our Quality system is fully monitored by a custom ERP which enables us to check and measure quality results and analysis on line.
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- The quality team is 15% of the Factory payroll
- A production quality system which compares to European based manufacturers
- Piloted in real time via Custom ERP
- Quality approach from sales until project completion
- Procedures of control: Tube
- Procedures of control :Caps
- Quality Manual:
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